The Harvest Pavilion Takes Architectural Cues from Agricultural Land

 - May 31, 2012
References: vectorarchitects &
Successful architecture maintains a fine balance between function and aesthetics and one of the most important considerations that touches both spheres is relationship to site. In this respect, the Harvest Pavilion may as well have grown up from the earth beneath it. Vector Architects designed a truly admirable building in rural China that pays great respect to the landscape physically and experientially.

A vast Miesian flat roof reaches out to establish a formal dialogue with the parallel plain below, protecting an open-plan interior space that's defined only by full-length windows and wooden slat brise-soleils. The inside as good as extends into the fields around it with the floor plane poured flush with the grassy plot. Sunlight passes through every wall of the dwelling. The repetitive timber screens above and along the Harvest Pavilion mimic the rows of churned soils awaiting the season's yield.

Photo Credits: Designboom