The Gelotte Hommas Cabin on Lake Home is Stunning

Gelotte Hommas Cabin on Lake Wenatchee is a stunning piece of architecture.

There is more than one way to design a house, and only a select few Architecture firms truly take on the task and produce awe inspiring, chills down your back. Gelotte Hommas Architecture is one of those firms, and when you take a look at their recent project Cabin on Lake Wenatchee, you'll see why.

This home is a cutting edge design from floor to ceiling. The open tresses and gorgeous wood tones fill the home with light and warmth, especially since everything in the home is reflecting off the gorgeous black polished concrete floor.

As a material for use in the home, concrete is top notch. As the longest lasting flooring solution available concrete's durability can't be beat. It's cost effective, gorgeous, long lasting and let's not forget the possibility of ambient heat! There is truly nothing like the feeling of a heated bathroom floor warm against your socks in the morning.

Good design is easy to come by, but great design requires a whole package, bigger picture mentality. The Cabin on Lake Wentachee is definitely the whole package from top to bottom. Polished concrete is the new cutting edge of architectural design, and Gelotte Hommas has proven just how stunning the results can be.