From Push-Up Underwear to Bubble Butt Boxers for Men

 - Jun 10, 2009   Updated: May 26 2011
This cluster includes 20 magnificent undies for men, also known as “mundies.” From push-up underwear to bubble butt boxers, there are a lot of choices men have when choosing a new pair of underpants.

After wearing your favourite pair of man panties, there is no need to worry about holes and stains, as the Underwear Repair Kit will solve all your mundie problems!

Implications - As men become more fashion forward in modern society, the demand for more creatively designed under garments also increases. No longer just opting for plain white designs, men are becoming more interested in expressing themselves through fashion. Undergarment companies can draw in a wider audience of consumers with more fun designs. With the desire for more expression through clothes, men are also evolving past the over-masculine persona.