Decorated Jockstraps by Colin Corbett Are Hotter Than Boxers

 - Jan 17, 2009
Exploring themes including Ancient Greece and world religion, Corbett’s provocative embellished jockstraps draw attention to the taboo topic of male genitalia in a unique way.

Corbett’s work features decoration inspired by stereotypical national costumes such as Dutch clogs, English pinstripe suiting and Indian turbans, and also religious iconography, as evidenced in the ‘Saints’ jockstrap which is covered with medallions from Christian religious sites.

Obviously a fan of word play, Corbett’s work includes the ‘army’ jockstrap which is covered with gun-toting ‘my weapon is bigger than yours’ soldiers, and a mock medieval ‘###-A-Lot’ in which the ‘family jewels’ are shielded by a feathered coat of arms.