Bully-Proof "Rip Away 1000" (UPDATE)

 - Nov 6, 2007
References: metro
An age old school tradition could be brought to an end by eight-year-old twins from Ohio who claim to have come up with pants which are wedgie proof. Justin & Jared Serovich, the pants inventors, call them the "Rip Away 1000".

The twins won an Ohio design competition, which lead to an invitation to appear on-Ellen De Generes Show and world wide fame for their invention. The basic premise is that they boxers are held together with fasteners at the seams - so in the event of an attempted wedgie situation they are ripped off. The intended victim left without pants and the bully left with pants in his or her hand.

What I love about this trend is no not much the invention (are pants that get ripped off really preferable to a wedgie?) but the way two eight year old boys have made news around the world with their simple invention. Something which companies spend millions a year trying to achieve! Check them out in this video of their appearance on Fox news - they are SO adorable which of course could add to the appeal :-)

Check out the original post on the Ellen DeGeneres feature: