- Apr 3, 2010   Updated: Jul 25 2011
I could spend all day forgetting how to tie my shoes and leafing through these various Velcro finds. Tying shoes is overrated anyway.

These various Velcro finds prove that life is a dish best served sticky. Who needs clasps and bands when you can just stick stuff to itself? I love Velcro now more than ever. I can't wait to get my Velcro shoes back on.

Implications - Velcro is one of the few analogue technologies that has lasted throughout all other technological advancements. Though it may seem dated to some, its old-school vibe adds an element of appeal that I find irresistible!

I gotta say, Velcro has come a long way from the good ol' days of keeping my light-up shows on.

From Felt and Velcro Laptop Cases to Doggy Diapers: