Use Your Head To Find Lost Remotes (Bizarre)

 - Mar 3, 2007   Updated: Aug 15 2011
References: americaninventorspot & ohgizmo
Multimedia Remote Control Wrangler is an unorthodox headgear with a Velcro-like material where you could attach and detach any small hand-held device especially remote controls. It comes in two styles “Retro Sportsman” (minus the 'fro) and “Antique Olive “. So no more digging under seat cushions through Doritos and pizza crumbs searching for the remote you had just a while ago and have a head start on tuning for your favorite prime-time TV series.

Implications - This strange velcro headgear is certainly not interested in marrying function and style, but its level of practicality is unmatched. While most consumers would be reluctant to step out in the public sphere wearing the multimedia remote control wrangler, it is the perfect accessory for those loopier television owners who can't seem to remember just where they put the remote.