O Boxers by Analisa and Cyn

 - Sep 5, 2008
References: oboxers & oboxers
From the boardroom to the bedroom, O by Analisa and Cyn is a new, revolutionary company geared towards the development of men’s clothing. Started by two young women, Analisa and Cyn, O has been able to fuse comfort and luxury into a single pair of boxers.

With a desire for more selection in men’s underwear, Analisa, CEO of O, created a new class of undergarments that are stylish, sexy, and sophisticated. As a young, aspiring entrepreneur, she wanted to give men the same top-quality undergarments as women.

O boxers started off with basic black, which for women, has always symbolized sexuality in a classy way. O by Analisa and Cyn is extremely comfortable and offers men maximum mobility.  Expanding their line, O came out with a black and purple style which represents the company. Black and purple represents a taste of dignified seduction. Only beginning as an idea, O has evolved into a new style of wear, readily available to all men.

Adding a new competitive edge to the market, O strives to give men the ultimate experience in comfort and fashion, beginning from the inside. O is perfect for all occasions, from the boardroom to the bedroom. Unparalleled in both quality and style, O encompasses everything a man loves in underwear. It is soft, sophisticated and sensual. So get curious and try on a pair, you won’t regret it...