- Nov 7, 2008
All the tabloids have commented on it, and now Lisa Rinna has confessed she is addicted to Juvaderm and admits she took her plastic surgery too far.

Lisa Rinna, known for playing Billie Reed on Days of our Lives, or Taylor Melrose Place, hosting SoapNet’s Soap Talk and starring on Dancing With The Stars, is 45, but the only thing that gives it away is her heavily inflamed lips.

Lisa Rinna drives home an important point though, that when it comes to plastic surgery, more isn’t necessarily better.

Botox was huge for a while, even teenagers were getting the injections. Over in the UK, Botox sales are up by 300% since last year according to the sk:n clinic; however, the New York Times commented that plastic surgery was actually on the decline in the US, not due to disinterest, but to the economy.

So, while it’s still hot, check out the slideshow of the top cosmetic surgery innovations on the site.

Lisa Rinna Admits You Can Go Too Far: