MIM Technique Gives Lift Under The Skin

 - Aug 10, 2007
References: matimop.org.il
It is a bra. An internal bra. A permanent one.

The Cup&Up technique gives women the bigger breasts they want, but without all the snipping, clipping, slicing and dicing that comes with regular breast augmentation surgeries. The Israeli MIM technique (Minimally Invasive Mastopexy) only requires two little cuts before the silicon bra can be inserted and attached to the rib cage. Sounds a little freaky! CEO Adi Cohen doesn't think so. "All women are looking for the right bra that will hold their breasts in the position they like or prefer aesthetically. There's an increasing trend towards buying push-up bras to enhance the upward breast pull. So I was thinking that with a harness created from materials used in medicine - silicon, threads and very small anchoring screws - we could support breast tissue and avoid further breast sagging."

He obviously doesn't know that women love splurging on super-sexy, luxuriously expensive lingerie. Either that, or his wife's compulsive bra buying was hurting the family funds and he decided to fix the problem once and for all!