MyFreeImplants Funded 11 Surgeries Last Month

 - Dec 2, 2007
References: wtol
In the spring we wrote about a social networking site that lets men donate money to help women with their boob job funds. Since then, the site has flourished.

In May, around 1,000 women had signed up on to benefit from generous men willing to support their breast augmentations via PayPal. Now there are 20,297 men willing to donate to the approximately 3,000 women desperate for a bigger rack, and last month alone 11 women underwent the surgery. Check out the before and afters.

Why would a man give his money away to a complete stranger unsatisfied with her proportions?

"For some of them, they have a lot of money... a charity type thing. For others, it's like science fiction...creating the perfect woman in their eyes," the founders said.

"Guys spend hundreds of dollars on drinks at a bar on women they don't know. This might be a better investment for some guys."

Some of the girls offer to send their donors a photo once the surgery is done... for a charge of $1.20 per e-mail.

Guys, if you're curious, check out the photo gallery of gorgeous ladies waiting for your help!