- Jun 2, 2019
These June 2019 architecture trends range from inflatable lunar habitats to stockroom-inspired shoe shops. When it comes to eco architecture solutions, this month's top examples include Matthew Chamberlain's living wall micro-housing concept which introduces unique urban tree pods as "starter homes on London's street."

Feit's shoe store is another standout that utilizes the brand's cardboard box packaging as a decorative element. The retail space embodies minimalism and opts for an industrial aesthetic brought to life with its open stockroom concept which doesn't conceal products in a back room, ultimately requiring less square footage.

Fresh foliage and Instagrammable plants are the focal point of the Harlan + Holden Glasshouse Cafe in Manila -- another notable June 2019 architecture pick. The cafe pairs lush plants with seafoam decor elements like matching drapes and curvilinear furnishings with a vintage flair.

From Inflatable Lunar Habitats to Stockroom-Inspired Shoe Shops: