RAU Collaborates with Ro&Ad on a Nature Reserve in the Netherlands

 - May 14, 2019
References: rau.eu & dezeen
RAU Architects enters a collaboration with Ro&Ad Architects to create a stunning nature reserve in the Netherlands. Dubbed the 'Tij Observatory,' the building entertains quite an interesting shape. The professionals decided to mimic the structure's functionality in its aesthetic and thus, designed something that nods to local nature. As a result, the observatory is shaped like a tern's egg.

When constructing the bird observatory, RAU Architects and Ro&Ad Architects utilized a "file-to-factory system," meaning that parts were delivered and assembled on-site. Not only is this an efficient manner for building, but the structure is arranged in such a way that it can also be taken apart easily.

By creating a building that is modular and minimal, RAU Architects and Ro&Ad Architects are able to assemble a nature reserve in the Netherlands that effortlessly slots into the established natural ecosystem.

Photo Credits: Katja Effting