Studio Tjoa Creates a Honeycomb Spire for the Notre Dame Rebuild

 - May 15, 2019
References: studiotjoa & fastcompany
Studio Tjoa focuses on the aesthetic and functionality of copper spires as the Colorado-based design firm enters France's cathedral rebuild competition. While many ideas take inspiration from the movement of sustainability, this one is more utilitarian in its essence. Instead, Studio Tjoa embraces durability as a necessary characteristic of the updated Notre-Dame cathedral.

The roof will feature a combination of stainless steel and glulam — a "type of laminated wood [...] that is stronger than steel." Unlike traditional copper spires, this one also boasts an enticing honeycomb pattern that will, without a doubt, contribute to what Studio Tjoa desired to evoke — the aesthetic that the restored Notre-Dame cathedral is like a "phoenix rising from the ashes."