- Mar 26, 2011
Art lovers are going to have their hands full attempting to click through all of these innovative and creative collages. If this top list had been around when I made my first (and last) collage many years ago, maybe I would have been inspired to create something epic like Mark Weaver's trippy anatomical collages instead of the D project I ultimately turned in.

These innovative and creative collages are truly inspiring to say the least. This top list is filled with the collages that art students only dream about. Architectural collages, living collages, credit card collages, you name it and it probably exists in collage form somewhere in this top list.

If you've grown tired of modern art trying to impress you with its big words and pretentiously named projects, then click through these innovative and creative collages to see art the way it's meant to be; simple, colorful and to the point.

From Royal Stamp Art to Classical Art Collages: