- Aug 26, 2011
As the potentials of modern technology continue to leap forward at an alarming rate, they've haphazardly left disabled customers in the dust -- luckily, these impaired innovations will rectify that glaring mistake.

Tech moguls like Apple, Sony and Microsoft have turned their attention almost entirely toward the able-bodied population, leaving an entire market niche uncared for: the hearing and seeing impaired. Fortunately, smaller hardware companies have risen to the occasion and have begun releasing products that make life easier, more straightforward and ultimately more hopeful for the blind and deaf.

Whether it's an iPhone accessory that identifies cataracts early in life or sonar-powered gloves that make navigation a synch for the seeing-impaired, these inventions are sure to comfort those who need it most. And although these developments are encouraging, it's important that funding continues -- not only for the sake of goodwill, but because this is a genuinely lucrative business sector.

From Blind Architect Consultants to Magnanimous Mailing Services: