Braille Wine Bottle

Feel your way around the worlds first braille enhanced bottle of wine which is lighting the way for blind wine drinkers everywhere. Although there is a braille wine "label" in existence this is the first known glass bottle of its kind and it is putting the little town of Worcester in South Africa on the map and meeting the charitable needs of the "institute of the blind & deaf" whose office is located in this same town.

Article mentions:
The company, Worcester Winelands, was launched eight months ago and is now hoping to produce bottles of 2006 sauvignon blanc, chenin blanc and a 2005 shiraz for markets in Canada, Africa, Europe and the UK.

Fifty cents from each bottle sold is donated to the institutes. So far about R700 000 has been raised.

On each label, in Braille, is the wine cultivar and vintage, such as shiraz 2005. On the bottle the Braille lettering reads: "100% Worcester, South Africa."