- Feb 6, 2011   Updated: Jul 19 2011
These braille innovations can definitely help out the visually impaired. From labelmakers to time-tellers, these creations help the blind function in a world where sight is taken for granted.

Inventions like the braille stovetop and mug made me think about how hard some tasks may by for the blind. The people behind these braille innovations definitely took some time to reflect on basic things that could help the visually impaired.

Implications - Many people don't know the extent of braille in contemporary culture. The blind are one of the world's most silent sufferers, but allow this collection of braille innovations to expand your knowledge of the blind world. Inside this collection, you will see the versatility and effect that braille has had on the lives of millions. Enjoy.

From Braille Timepieces to Mugs for the Sightless: