Braille Neck Ties

 - Mar 25, 2007
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In necktie homeland – Croatia, the first tie with Braille writings on it was born. It carries metaphorical writing on the inner side and it helps blind people to feel different colors, the world we see, by reading it!

Croatian designer Svjetlana Latinčić came up with the idea, how to help blind people differ the necktie colors. In this she uses dotted Braille writing system and sewing by hand. So the Braille script has been brought to textiles for the very first time on the „NECKTIE S. L." brand fabrics, and this way has been making it's first steps into the world of fashion.

Feelings of Svjetlana Latinčić are inscribed on the inner side of every tie, and this way she shows her experience of every color which she transcends the world we see to blind people. And there is one thing the same in both worlds – the feeling!
LIGHT, MISTERY, ICE, RHAPSODY are the metaphors of the feelings brought into the tie inner side which follow us every day.

White color of the necktie carries the metaphor „LIGHT"
Black color of the necktie carries the metaphor „MISTERY"
Gray tones carry the metaphor „ICE"
Red tones carry the metaphor „RHAPSODY"

The ties are intended for both men and women. They're made of high-quality materials and wearing them lets easiness and comfort through the whole day.

These neckties are registered and protected design in the State Intellectual Property Office of the Republic of Croatia.