From Blind Guide Bracelets to Sensational Tactile Timepieces

 - Jan 23, 2012
To imagine losing a sense may be unfathomable, but for those that are unfortunate enough to be visually impaired, tech teams and accessory experts are teaming to create some pretty wicked Braille wearables.

The special dotted designs of the alphabet that aid the blind are popping up everywhere as convenient items that hang around your neck, loop over your wrist, or can slipped over your torso so that they can always be easily located. There are countless concepts for stylish purposes like the Braille wedding bands that will communicate your love to your hard-of-sight significant other, or the Braille blood-pressure bands that allow you to discreetly monitor your health issues.

Each of the Braille wearables offer extreme advancements to the world of a visually impaired person, and hopefully the genius creators will continue working to keep those that require eyesight enhancements literally in touch!