Tactile Watch by Jake Rynkiewicz Allows the Blind to Feel the Hour

 - Jul 14, 2011
References: tuvie
Trend Hunters have discovered a handful of wristwatch concepts for the visually impaired, but few I have seen are as simple and beautiful as the Tactile Watch by Jake Rynkiewicz.

Instead of incorporating complex technologies for raising braille numbers and programming audio notifications, this clever design quite elegantly turns the template of the conventional analogue timepiece into a three-dimensional surface.

The dial comprises two rings, an inner and an outer which correspond to the minute and the hour. Instead of including hands, the bands gently ascend on circular slopes so that each features an abrupt ridge between the most elevated and lowest part of the material. The user can effortlessly feel the location of the brink, and easily decipher the time of day with the Tactile Watch by Jake Rynkiewicz.