Braille Tees

 - May 18, 2008
If one day you decide to wear the Blind Tee, designed by Barbara Loomis, do not blame the visually-impaired for reaching out to touch your breasts. Chances are, he only wants to decipher the message written on your clothing.

Because the blind can and do appreciate art, it is with designs like the braille t-shirts that they can really feel welcome in the art scene, albeit in a funny way. Ironically, the message on the shirts reads, "Do Not Touch the Art". But the art is not to be decoded unless it is touched.

Buy the braille tees in museum shops in Europe and be hit with the realization that it is now acceptable to touch other people's breasts in public, just as long as you are blind and you are trying to read the braille messages of Barbara Loomis.