'WuFu' Glasses Use Ultrasonic Waves to Create Tactile Images for the Blind

 - Aug 20, 2010
References: interface.khm.de & thedesignblog.org
When I first stumbled upon these 'WuFu' Glasses, I couldn't help but think of Geordi La Forge's VISOR in 'Star Trek.' I mean, they both artificially produce sight for the blind. But whereas the VISOR produced energy-filled images, the 'WuFu' Glasses uses ultrasonic waves to produce tactile images.

Inspired by bats, the 'WuFu' Glasses were developed by Lab3. According to The Design Blog, "the visual aid carries the ultrasonic waves to sensors on opaque glasses and translates them, using two motors attached to the wrists of the wearer, into vibrations."