The Rub. Feel. Know Watch Gives You a Sense of the Hour

 - Jun 22, 2011
References: coroflot & designbuzz
For many, looking at their wristwatch to read the time is not an issue, but for the visually impaired population, something like the Rub. Feel. Know Watch is sure to enhance one's independence.

There are quite a few timekeepers on the market that have been designed with the blind in mind, be them gadgets that read out the hour or express it in braille characters. What makes this particular chronograph so compelling is the way that it uses not only texture to communicate the time, but temperature as well.

Two revolving rings make up the dial of the Rub. Feel. Know Watch by Lee Jung Hoon, and it's very easy to tell them apart. The central hour disc remains warm to the touch and features a circular indentation instead of a hand. The outer ring has a point of protrusion to designate the minute, and it stays relatively cool against your fingertips.