Le Chal Aims to Help the Visually Impaired in a Ground-Breaking Way

 - Dec 3, 2011
References: anirudh.me & gizmag
The most current and surprising innovation in progress right now to assist the blind is a sneaker called Le Chal by Anirudh Sharma.

How exactly does the Le Chal sneaker assist the visually impaired? The idea is to use haptic feedback as a way to guide the blind. The sole has a built-in circuit board that causes the shoe to vibrate as the main navigation guide. If it vibrates at the tip of the toe, it means go straight, a vibration on the left means turn left and so forth. But in order for this to work at its best, users must input their location on an app so that the shoe can properly guide the individual. As he/she gets closer to their destination, the vibrations grow more intense.

There's no word on this being released, but there's a schematic on Sharma's site that teaches you how to make one.