Xun Ye's Origin GPS Helps the Visually Impaired Get to Their Destination

 - Jun 28, 2011
References: xunyedesign & designbuzz
The Origin GPS seems to be the most natural progression for the traditional folding white cane. Simply put, it is equipped with GPS technology in order to provide its user with more foolproof direction than whatever else the visually impaired has had to rely on.

Designed by Xun Ye, the Origin GPS looks like a typical white stick; however, its handle boasts a microphone so that the user can speak the desired destination into it. A braille number scale informs the user the distance until a turn must be taken. A speaker on top of the microphone also helps to guide the visually impaired.

By incorporating the traditional white stick into its design, the Origin GPS helps the user ensure that the path is clear as well.