From Classy Puppy Collars to Lace Menswear

 - Dec 16, 2011
These nifty neckties will inject a little personality into the usual monotonous work attire. There is not a man alive who doesn't look amazing in a clean-cut suit. Superior tailoring makes sure a man look polish, well-proportioned and dapper. Unfortunately, to those who truly believe variety is the spice of life, the suit has barely changed over the years and this masculine staple can get a touch dull if you're donning one day in day out.

To add a little zest to wardrobe and a spring in your step, select anyone of these nifty neckties to compliment your usual monkey suit. Go classic and choose a tried and true favorite or shake things up with a novelty tie that's sure to inspire a few belly laughs amongst coworkers. No matter the occasion, these nifty neckties are sure to fit the bill.

Exude class, personality and maybe even a little humor with these nifty neckties.