Good Heavens Neckties are Delicate and Dapper

 - Jun 30, 2011
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Before I'd seen these Good Heavens Neckties, I'd never had such a desire to wear a tie in my life.

These terrific ties are anything but traditional. They are still cut in the well-known tie shape, and are definitely still suitable for professional work environments. However, the nice feature these nifty neckties have is playful patterns. Good Heavens neckties come in a variety of versions, ranging from blossom speckled ties to wallpaper-patterned ones.

These snazzy suit-toppers are definitely unisex and would be ideal for both casual and formal events.

Implications - Consumers are straying from crowd-conforming styles and are instead opting to express their individual styles. They see products that boast unique designs, enabling them to portray their values to their peers. Companies should cater to these expressive consumers by manufacturing products in a variety of versions with different patterns or designs.