The TieSight Will Guide You Step-by-Step Through the Tying Process

 - Oct 21, 2011
References: tiesight & gizmodo
Those days of arriving to work with a poorly spun, haphazard necktie are over, and you can thank to developers behind the TieSight app for your new, professional look.

Much like the stereoscopic vision of the Xbox Kinect, this neat application will track the movements of your hands and body using your MacBook's webcam. TieSight comes programmed with the schematics for the 10 most common knot styles, including the Half-Windsor, the Prince Albert Knot and the Oriental. Looking at your laptop, the TieSight displays a mirrored image of you and superimposes directions and instructions, slowly guiding your hands through holes, loops and around the neck. Best of all, the bite-sized application can be controlled via voice recognition because both your hands will likely be preoccupied!