From Fiery Futuristic Campaigns to Oversized Menswear Looks

 - Mar 15, 2013
With fashion constantly evolving to incorporate modern day influences, it's sometimes hard to predict what new designs and fashion techniques may be coming up next, but these futuristic menswear styles are some great examples of designs that we can look toward to in the future.

When it comes to men's fashion, it's often a lot more subtle and tame compared to the wild colors and patterns that womenswear can have. These futuristic menswear styles however, are taking mens fashion to a whole other level, by utilizing geometrically structured shapes and over-layered techniques to create pieces of clothing that are visually mesmerizing. From oversized menswear jackets to sleek sculptural-like ensembles, these creative looks are a great indication of where menswear fashion is heading.

These futuristic designs are able to turn ordinary pieces of clothing into stunning pieces of art, and they will certainly attract anyone looking to get a heads up on the next big fashion trend.