From Superhero Bow Ties to Audio-Implanted Neck Ties

 - Nov 27, 2012
It can be a brother, boyfriend, father, cousin, relative or even a teacher, but these unconventional ties for him will definitely be one of the few best ties he has ever seen.

Formal ties can get a little boring, mundane and monochromatic. While they are great for formal occasions, how often does one actually attend these events? While not all offices allow such unconventional suit accessories, there's definitely a way to sneak in that extra punch in these neck and bow ties. Whether it's a subtle iPod implant to allow covert mobile tangle-free listening, an 8-bit game-themed tie for the closet geek, gambling bow ties or even a hardcore circuit board tie for the electrically savvy males, these ties for him will surely play into any of his open or secret hobbies.