The Braille CC is Designed with the Blind in Mind

 - Mar 9, 2011
References: yankodesign
Designer Young-suk Kim is aiming to aid sightless shopaholics with his new Braille CC. This credit card is designed similarly to previous braille credit cards featured on Trend Hunter, but with a few added adjustments.

The best new feature of Kim's Braille CC is its purchase display. When a blind person makes a purchase, not only will their card repeat it to them, but it will also show the amount on the back in braille. This is a great feature to have as I can't imagine the built-in speakers of the Braille CC being too powerful.

Kim's Braille CC represents a more polished version of past braille credit cards. It's great to see designers designing for the disabled. If you're a designer or fan of braille design then keep reading to see tons of other great concepts and creations designed with the blind in mind.