Braille Tape Helps the Blind Organize Easier

 - Jul 3, 2011
References: yankodesign
The blind may one day be independent of any and all sighted aid thanks to designs such as Braille Tape. Braille Tape was designed by Kukil Han, Yongju Kwak, Young-Seok Kim and Dongbin Shin as a way to help the blind label items.

The tape is sticky on one side and has dots on the other that can be either punched in or left up to form words or letters. This effectively lets the blind speed up simple processes that those of us with sight take for granted, such as determining which glass jar has peach jelly and which one has grape. With such a simple yet ingenious design, I am surprised that nobody has come up with Braille Tape sooner. Here's hoping that this group of designers manages to get Braille Tape from concept to reality soon.