Genesis Illumination's StunRay XL-2000 Blinds Criminals

 - Apr 6, 2011
References: genesis-illumination & dvice
Police may soon have a new non-deadly weapon to use against criminals called the StunRay XL-2000. The StunRay XL-2000 is a two-handed weapon that delivers an ultra-bright burst of light intended to cause inverse blindness.

Inverse blindness is essentially what happens when you stare at a bright light for too long. All of the shapes around you become white silhouettes with the effetcts wearing off in around a minute or so. The StunRay XL-2000 is labeled as a safe alternative to the occasionally deadly stun gun and the occasionally blinding (literally) dazzler. I'm all for anything that makes restoring law and order safer for both parties. However, the StunRay XL-2000 does seem a little too bulky -- I'm wondering how police, with such a massive device, will manage to sneak up on someone!