HandTalk Glove

 - May 12, 2008
References: post-gazette & talk2myshirt
The sassy term, "talk to the hand" takes on a whole new meaning with HandTalk, a sensor equipped glove that translates finger and hand gestures into spoken words on a cell phone.

The motivation behind HandGlove, a project by engineering students at Carnegie Mellon University, was to enable easy communication between deaf people and those who do not have knowledge of the Sign language.

"The HandTalk works like this: sensors in the glove pick up gestures and transmit the data wirelessly via Bluetooth to a cell phone which runs a Text to Speech software," says Talk2MyShirt.com. "The sensor data are converted first into text and then to voice output. A person not knowledgeable in Sign language can listen via the cell phone what the other person is saying in Sign language form."