From Andy Warhol iPhone Cases to Game of Thrones Figurines

 - Dec 7, 2011
Shopping for hipsters this holiday season means being unique, relevant, witty and ever ironic that’s why it’s huge to have holiday hipster gift ideas. From creative large gifts such as crazy London Tube coat racks to Superhero high tops there is a wide variety to spark the imagination.

The mega coolness oozing from here right now were inspired from some of the brands that this 20’s something subculture tends to love from Colette to Kitsune Maison, including superhero everything and new media trinkets and Lady Gaga cut out dolls. This ironically self loathing culture is phenomenal. I am seriously drooling at everything in this list and may just casually email it to my mom/everyone I know. My mother doesn’t know what hipster even means, not that it matters because I am not one, but hopefully with hipster gift ideas 2012 she’ll get a clue. Duh.