Lacoste x Ed Banger for Lacoste Cool Cats Live Capsule Line

The Lacoste brand has taken quite a pummeling this autumn when they had to request that Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik stop wearing their clothes, but are attempting to bounce back with their partnership with Cool Cats to create the Lacoste Cool Cats Live Capsule Line. Instant cool cred is unsurprisingly expected by teaming up with the infamous Cool Cats, the clothing production line of Ed Banger that is best known as the French electro music production company of groups like Daft Punk, Justice Sebastian, Uffie and others. However, is it enough? Even before the free Norwegian Killer branding, the brand has struggled to maintain its preppy image, seen instead as a label worn by popped-collar highschool kids or Jersey Shore types.

The designs are funky and well adapted though, made by DJ and iconic graphic designer So-Me, using the signature Cool Cats symbol seen with his tongue as the Lacoste gator. What has stroked my heart strings though is the minimalist black polo with the gator menacingly opposing the sleeping cat. This is the first time Cool Cats has teamed up to design a whole line for another company and it does well with Stadium jackets, polo shirts, sweaters, cardigans, shirts, bag and even sneakers, helping piggy back the struggling brand into the hearts of those relevant 20-somethings.

In any case, Lacoste is headed in the right direction for reinvention. If there is any brand notorious for its midas touch, it’s Cool Cats, which is why the Lacoste Cool Cats Live Capsule Line is a slice of gold.

Photos and designs copy right So Me.