From Recycled Skateboard Shades to Delicate Designer Sunnies

 - Apr 26, 2012
For those looking for street-savvy eyewear, this collection of hipster frames offers plenty of great styles to choose from. The looks range from suave summer shades to geek-chic glasses and they all exude a cool, casual appeal.

Hipster outfits are, of course, eclectic. Before the subculture gained widespread popularity, most people would not consider plaid collared shirts and tight, blue pants to be an appealing look. But times change and with it so do tastes. The glasses featured here are varied in style, but all maintain an eccentricity that is key to hipster accoutrement.

Clashing colors, deliberately nerdy attire and cartoon-inspired accessories are now commonplace in any suitably hip urban neighborhood. Some of the glasses featured here might be a little too eccentric for some, but for those looking to stand out rather than fit in, these shades are the perfect accessories.