The Kirk Originals 'Beam' Collection is a Whimsical Take On Glasses

The Kirk Originals ‘Beam’ collection is a quirky take on classic eyewear. The line features translucent frames in an electric color palette, from aquamarine to amethyst. Not only are the colors bright and bold, they are dynamic, shifting hues with angle and light. The Beam collection features the favorited styles from Kirk Originals, including the Blaze and the Miranda.

The look and feel of the glasses screams 90s rave scene, yet holds an elegance and durability unlike plastic accessories. The frames are made from a new type of raw acrylic, which Kirk Originals has been developing for 12 years. The bold colors and bulky frames are reminiscent of Kurt Cobain’s iconic white sunnies, giving the otherwise preppy design a hard edge.

The Kirk Originals ‘Beam’ collection is for the bold fashionista or fashionisto who is ready to make a statement.