Waiting for the Sun 'LA Une' Sunglasses are Artistically Whittled

Taking the form of one of the most popular styles of sunglasses, Waiting for the Sun 'LA Une' shades do differ from their competition. The solar-softening spectacles are the result of a crafty collaboration with artist Parra and associated Rockwell.

Made of bamboo, these sunnies take the look of classic Ray-Bans, with metal detailing in the corners and oblong oval specs. Pairs come in a variety of colors including a sandy red, mustard yellow and an aqueous turquoise with midnight-hued lenses.

Taking on a cartoony form, the hipster frames boast serious 100% UV protection. Waiting for the Sun 'LA Une' sunglasses even come with a matching scarf, imprinted with graphic textile design by the same artist. Look out for these limited edition shades on Moustach Madrid, and hopefully we'll see them in stores soon.