- May 25, 2019
The high-tech retail experience is a way for brick-and-mortar establishments to stay relevant during the digital revolution. Thankfully, the advancement in technology gives businesses the opportunity to curate immersive, one-of-a-kind and hyper-personalized experiences for the customer base.

There are many ways in which a brand can utilize cutting-edge tech to reshape the shopping experience — from introducing smart mirrors in the fitting room to facilitating a more efficient POP experience. Some brands, however, get extra-creative with their high-tech retail activations. One such example is IKEA who recently launched a hyper-exclusive shopping opportunity that measures brainwaves and heart rates to determine if the consumer really likes the product. Another instance of highly intuitive use in high-tech retail is Snapchat and LEGO Wear who curated an AR-powered pop-up store experience.

From Smart Skincare Shops to Ultra-Futuristic Sports Store: