Mall of America's High-Tech Concierge Offers Personalized Assistance

 - Dec 11, 2018
References: vntana & prnewswire
With mixed reality company VNTANA, Mall of America is introducing a new, next-gen mall concierge to make holiday shopping a seamless, personalized experience. Mall of America's Shopping Hologram Concierge takes the form of a charming elf named Ellie, who is able to answer a range of questions, help shoppers navigate the mall and suggest gifts by category.

The Shopping Hologram Concierge makes the most of VNTANA's patented software platform, which connects an existing chatbot (such as Microsoft Azure, Amazon Alexa, IBM Watson and more) with a 3D model to create a smart avatar.

While holiday shopping can be stressful for consumers who don't know what to purchase or where to find the right product, the AI hologram offers a friendly face and a dose of holiday magic to delight kids and adults alike.