From Fetus Kitty to Swarovski-Studded Sanrio Felines

 - Dec 22, 2010   Updated: Apr 27 2011
A Hello Kitty holiday is an extra-special treat, whether you're (pretending) to hate Hello Kitty or are an absolute fanatic. These adorable holiday-friendly feline finds will ensure that your Christmas is kitty-filled.

Hello Kitty holiday gift ideas range from fetal felines to fuzzy fur kicks, ensuring that you have tons of great ideas to choose from for your kitty-crazed friends.

Implications - Pop culture phenomenon like Hello Kitty have become highly marketable and sparked the rise of collector consumers. When people are obsessed with a show, movie or item, they tend to want to own every possible creation with that theme. Businesses should look into spotting new pop culture trends and design marketable items for them to their fans.