Ben Frost's Confrontational Canvases Riot Against Pop Culture

 - Jan 30, 2009
References: benfrostisdead
The fact that his website is called 'Ben Frost is Dead,' and his pieces bost titles like "Quality Riding Poultry" should give you a clue to the nature of this work, but it really doesn’t.

The amazing collages are a riot of pop culture icons from McDonalds to Hello Kitty and Lego, all packed full of punchy color and just looking like a rainbow has been sick on them in general. It feels like a literal riot on paper as his collage style includes strange contrasting images.

These pieces are an update on his work. He became infamous with his 2000 exhibition and art prank ‘Ben Frost is Dead.’ Yes, he faked his own death to great effect.

A disgruntled gallery visitor also slashed one of the paintings with a knife in reaction to the confrontational imagery--surely for an artist such as Ben, that has to be high praise indeed and a goal met.