From Veggie Mac and Cheese Soups to Ramen-Filled Beef Stews

 - Mar 16, 2015
These hearty soup recipes range from veggie mac and cheese meals to ramen-filled beef stews. Fans of rich and flavorful soups will love these lunch and dinner ideas that draw inspiration from cultural and fast food cuisine.

Adding a fresh twist to classics, hearty soup creations like double cheeseburger and pizza stews transform solid fast food snacks into liquefied meals. While the Garlic Pad's pizza soup recipe defies convention with its cheesy broth, Closet Cooking's Bacon Double Cheeseburger soup is another unexpected favorite that is said to stop a hangover in its tracks.

On the instant soup front, ramen noodle brands are promoting hearty soups that are served cold while mac and cheese fans are transforming instant macaroni into a revamped and gourmet soup meal.