The Bacon Double Cheeseburger Soup is a Hearty Hangover Treat

 - Oct 2, 2012
References: closetcooking
I had to double back when I saw the recipe for something called a Bacon Double Cheeseburger Soup. If you've ever imagined a liquefying any of your favorite foods, you're apparently not the only one.

Including a variety of ingredients that go in a traditional, yet juicy delicious burger -- Worcestershire sauce, garlic, ground beef, ketchup, mustard, bacon grease (yup!) -- along with potatoes, jalapenos, bacon, cheese and of course, the bun, this stomach-churning soup sounds like the perfect hangover comfort food. I can only imagine this soup can only get better as the days go on and the flavors marry, so don't worry about leftovers as long as you keep it in the fridge. With all the undeniably irresistible bacon inventions people are coming up with, it's no wonder there's an oncoming bacon shortage.