From Liquefied Fast Food Soups to Deep-Fried Stew Recipes

 - Aug 31, 2014
Although classics like tomato and chicken noodle soup are perfect for warming you up when the weather gets colder, why not branch out and try a few of these unusual soup recipes?

Some interesting recipes that rival the brightness of bright red tomato soup include bases with green avocado or purple cauliflower. In addition to some truly bizarre soup and stew recipes, some of these recipes branch into other soup-inspired creations with chips, cakes, sandwiches and even deep-fried edibles. Although soup is usually something that has a texture that's creamy or maybe even a little bit chunky, some of these recipes even manage to bring in a crunch. Since crackers and bread are commonly served with soups, recipes like the French onion grilled cheese sandwich provides a comfort food that's truly twice as comforting.