Machi No Kumasan is Offering These Realistic Looking Ramen Soup Cakes

 - Feb 28, 2013
References: en.rocketnews24
This bowl of Ramen Soup look pretty delicious—and it is—but not for reasons that any credulous individual would ever be able to expect. These bowls of delicious pork cutlet, buckwheat noodle and egg custard soups are actually deceptive cakes.

It’s impressive how the small bakery called Machi no Kumasan was able to put these cakes together. Especially with the added transparency effects made to represent soup. It is also pretty awesome that the bakery offers three different types of the delicious soups.

The fake Ramen soup would make for one of the kindest pranks one could ever pull. It would only be cruel for those on a diet or people with allergies.