Natalie Monson's Veggie Mac and Cheese Soup is Creamy and Comforting

 - Nov 22, 2014
References: superhealthykids
Mac and Cheese may be one of the perfect meals for the winter season, but it is far from the healthiest; that is unless a person indulges in this veggie mac and cheese soup instead. A great way to get some necessary vitamins and nutrition without making a big fuss about it, kids will appreciate the creamy and comforting dish since they will be in ignorant bliss about its true contents.

In addition to noodles, flour and chicken broth, the veggie mac and cheese soup boasts a lot of carrots and celery as well. Created by Natalie Monson, she accurately points out that "this soup makes a great meal on a cool Fall evening that your kids will definitely eat without complaining." They might want to eat it every night.