From Golden Globes 2013 Photography to Trippy Feral Digital Art

 - Jan 23, 2013
This week's top trends were dominated by some truly daring photography series and offbeat fashion looks. The Golden Globes 2013 brought glamour to the forefront, and many popular finds this week reflected awards season hysteria.

Photographer Tricia Hesseroux garnered a ton of attention to her portfolio this week, debuting 'Toddlewood,' a photography series wherein young children were dresses and posed to look like stars who had just walked the Golden Globes carpet. The series was unsettling to some, but incredibly impressive in terms of how accurate the depictions were. The discovery of Toddlewood led others to check out some of her other similar work, like a recreation of the 'Bridesmaids' movie poster with children posing instead of the original actresses.

On the fashion front this week, unique looks like tights that appeared to be melted were a huge hit. Though not for everyone, this offbeat style resonates with a few daring fashionistas and catches the attention of others. For insight into a variety industries including fasion and photography, be sure to take a look at Trend Hunter's Trend Reports.